10mm Span 600 Ceiling Plasterboard

10mm Span 600 Ceiling Plasterboard
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Product Code: SR10
Category: Plasterboard
Manufacturer: Knauf
>Sag resistant ceiling solution > Light weight ceiling
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Available Options

1200mm x 3000mm
1200mm x 3600mm
1200mm x 4200mm
1200mm x 4800mm
1200mm x 5400mm
1200mm x 6000mm
1350mm x 3600mm
1350mm x 4800mm
1350mm x 6000mm

Product Description

Span 600 Ceiling Plasterboard Recessed edge for use on ceilings with a maximum spacing of 600mm centre Spansheild is a 10mm reinforced plasterboard for internal ceilings It is designed to span ceiling joists or furring channels up to 600mm without sagging
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