Stop Casing Beads

Stop Casing Beads
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Product Code: SCB
Category: Angles & Beads
Manufacturer: Rondo
Rondo Metal Casing Bead

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Available Options

06mm x 3000mm - P03
10mm x 2400mm - P05
10mm x 2700mm - P05
10mm x 3000mm - P05
10mm x 3600mm - P05
13mm x 2400mm - P07
13mm x 2700mm - P07
13mm x 3000mm - P07
16mm x 3000mm - P08

Product Description

Casing beads are square cornered metal beads that fit snugly over the edge of the building board for protection at abutments, no setting is requeired. Rondo casing beads are manufactured from 0.5mm ZINCANNEAL material, and are easily painted on site.
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